Who Will Attend This Event?

Meet Senior Decision Makers:

CEO's, Directors, Vice Presidents, Engineering Directors Responsible For

  • Track Infrastructure High Speed Lines
  • Metropolitan & Regional Track Infrastructure
  • Maintenance Directors & VP's
  • Engineering Strategy
  • Track Rehabilitation & Renewal
  • Track Inspection
  • Switches & Crossings
  • Track Geometry
  • Asset Management
  • Data Collection & Utilisation
  • Ai/Machine Learning
  • Track Digitisation Projects
  • (Advanced) Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Infrastructure & Platforms
  • IT
  • New Technology - Automated Inspection & Robotics


  • Reliability Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Asset Managers
  • Platform Managers
  • Area Managers
  • Supply & Procurement Managers
  • EHS Managers
  • Systems Architects

Meet Leading Technology & Services Providers In:

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Track geometry cars, equipment and services  
  • Data Analytics
  • Visual Inspection
  • Remote Monitoring Without Infrastructure
  • Real-Time Machine Learning
  • Automated Inspection
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud-Computing
  • Smart remote monitoring Camera
  • VR & Augmented Reality
  • Drones
  • Sensors
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Ditching and Drainage
  • Switches and Crossings
  • Sleepers
  • AI Applications

RTI Tech Congress 2021

RtiTech 2021 is 3 day, virtual business conference designed to help railway infrastructure operators make the transition from a time based maintenance culture to one, which successfully drives predictive interventions.  Data centric predictive maintenance helps the infrastructure operators to efficiently identify deterioration and prevent failures, maximising reliability and safety, in today's hyper cost conscious environment.  From high-speed lines, to regional and metropolitan routes, from track geometry to switches and crossings, this is one of the world's leading business conferences on strategies for improving failure prediction and extending asset life at reduced cost.

Assess new opportunities to be more innovative utilising new technology that is affordable - including automated inspection and data gathering technologies, as well as evaluate the business case for machine learning, A.I and data visualisation tools, all to improve data-driven decision-making.

Throughout many of the case studies, speakers have been specifically briefed to highlight how they are driving workforce cultural change to adapt to and embrace new digitisation opportunities, in-order to fully exploit and utilise new data-driven decision making opportunities. 

Interactive Breakout Stream

Also benefit from an exclusive stream of interactive classroom style breakouts drilling down into improving data-driven techniques for improving the reliability of:

- switches and crossings
- track geometry
...and workshops designed for specific job titles including data analytics and asset management....
- data analytics business process including machine learning
- asset management decision making

Agenda Delivering Solutions & Practical Insights

The agenda is also designed to deliver solutions and practical insights for both the strategic decision makers driving asset management and maintenance decision making on track infrastructure, as well as the technical influencers - that is, the maintenance and renewal practitioners focusing on track inspections, maintenance, renewals, rehabilitation. data collection/analysis/manipulation, track geometry and switches & crossings.

Additional strategic benefits include exclusive panel sessions driving improved collaboration on data sharing between different stakeholder groups and identifying strategies for aligning decarbonisation and green maintenance to cost reduction and asset extension.

You will come away from this virtual business conference with clear measurable takeaways and insights that you can apply to your own track infrastructure organisation. Register today,  to reserve your place and take part in the high level presentations and fully curated  interactive discussions.

Share Solutions for Identifying Problems And Improving Processes

"Combining efficiency with safety and reducing cost across the whole life cycle is now even more of a strategic priority notwithstanding the downturn in customer revenues due to covid19. Today, therefore, it is all about improving predictive measures and successfully making the transition from time-based to condition based maintenance"

Head Of Track Maintenance, Leading European Railway Infrastructure Operator

'" would like to hear about things that I don't already know... solutions that are actually implemented and give concrete result."

Head Of Track Maintenance, Leading European Railway Infrastructure Operator

Active Networking Over 3 Days:

A Fully Interactive Virtual Platform With A Host Of Dynamic Features:

  • Book Meetings With Fellow Rail Operators
  • Extended Q&A Sessions with the top experts
  • Networking Lounges & Exhibition Areas
  • Three FULL days to network and make valuable new contacts
  • Participate in Interactive Peer Review Roundtable Discussions
  • Contribute Up Your Solutions To Conference Chair For Discussion
Interactive Peer Review and Roundtable Sessions:
  • Benchmark best practice and share solutions to the most pressing reliable track maintenance challenges with leading operators
  • Learn how your peers are implementing solutions and applications
  • What's working and delivering results?
Curated Technology Showcase Interviews:
  • Exclusive insights into the new reliable track maintenance automation technologies being developed for remote monitoring & inspection.  What are the technologies you NEED to know about?
  • Question & Investigate leading industry figures on how they are confronting your most pressing challenges?
  • Get advanced notice on the latest track technologies that have the potential to help you deliver results
  • High Speed Line Focus
  • Secondary Line Focus
  • Gaining Access To High Quality Data
  • Digitalisation Implementation Including Handling Workforce Issues
  • Combining AI With Historical Data Analysis
  • Linking Different Data Sets Together  
  • Automated Inspection Technology
  • Green Maintenance


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